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Not too long ago, having a good auto repair shop or tire store with decent service was all it took to make plenty of money. No more. Today, dealers are blatantly stealing away your best clients with dirty tricks and cut-throat competition, quick-lube franchises are soaking up the lucrative maintenance business, margins are drying up and car dealer vehicle retention marketing have car counts dropping like a rock.

This is an amazing opportunity to:

  • Increase your car count
  • Take home more cash profit
  • Identify specific mistakes that cost you your best customers
  • Cut your stress in half!
  • Work smarter, not harder, in less time than you ever dreamed possible

Currently, the lift provided to our auto repair members is a staggering $3,080 weekly which is unparalleled by any other coaching program.

Be one of the select few shop owners over the next eleven months who will make more money with less work and less stress than ever before. Your car counts will go up. Cash profit will increase to as much as 30%. Attracting and keeping motivated techs will become easier than ever before. Best of all, you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you love instead of stressing over the things you hate.

ATI's Auto Repair Shop Owner Expertise

Our auto repair coaching staff has over 650 years of Store Management, training, operations and Consulting experience. Several industry publications utilize our expertise for guest technical and editorial information and member stories many times each year. The coaching staff also provides industry training at multiple industry trade shoes such as SEMA, VISION, and Automechanika.

ATI's Auto Repair program has 144 total credits available through the AMI management program.
Automotive Management Institute (AMI) Approved for Credit

Auto Repair Testimonials

  • "Back then, I didn't know what I didn't know... I had a belief system that was just stuck in a technician's standpoint. To get brought away from that and know that it's OK to make a profit, it's OK to do this. Absolutely I would recommend ATI's workshop."

    Mark Carroll, Town & Country Auto Repair
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  • "Before ATI our business and life were in chaos, and it was not very fun. Since ATI, we have had time away from the business. The business runs very well. And we have a lot of friends that we have met through ATI. So thank you ATI."

    Dave and Jan Murphy, Murphy's Autocare Inc.
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  • "Seven months ago I went to one of ATI's workshops in Nashville, TN, and from that workshop I realized I didn't have the infrastructure that I needed in order to be successful... We got enrolled and six months later we're banging out about 40-50% more production than what we were prior to that. They made me realize that the structure that I needed wasn't there and ATI helped build a plan to get that structure."

    Chris Lanning, Lanning Automotive
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  • "With the help of our fantastic ATI coach our average repair order went from $212 to $780, our labor hours per ticket from 1.00 to 3.42 and our return on investment is $233,000 so far! ATI and our coach have totally turned around our business and made it fun to come to work again!"

    Scott Larsen and Mike Kuczynski, Cadillac Specialists
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  • "It was a little bit of a scare to go into such a big program, but it certainly helped 100,000% in our business. We have learned so much from ATI and you don't even know what you don't know until you show up at one of the workshops that can really talk you through. We found ATI to be a wonderful partner to work with, never short of information, and always available... I highly recommend the workshop and I highly recommend ATI. It's helped us tremendously."

    Pam Tures, Lee Hill Auto Service
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  • "I am currently in ATI's Alumni Program and go to 20 Group meetings twice a year where I learn from fellow shop-owners to help grow my business. ATI doesn't teach you how to work on cars. They teach you how to run your business with coaching and quality training. The skills you learn will help you turn your business into a world-class automotive facility, if you're strong enough to take on the challenge."

    Donald Henderson, Leo & Son Garage
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AMi Certified:
Approved for Educational Credit!

Auto Repair
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