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To meet the growing needs of the collision repairer, ATI has developed a comprehensive program specifically tailored to address the current issues facing collision repairers. The areas that have been identified with increasing frequency are:

  • Estimating skills improvement resulting in an average of $650.00 improvement in average repair order
  • Production improvement through root cause analysis of problem areas and immediate identification and implementation of long-term performance based solutions
  • Development of comprehensive negotiation solutions for difficult insurer positions taken on a variety of issues
  • Creation of customized standard operating procedures developed for the specific needs of the individual repair specifically tailored to the size and scope of the repair facility

Currently, the lift provided to our collision repair members is a staggering $5,782.00 weekly which is unparalleled by any other coaching program.

ATI's Collision Repair Shop Owner Expertise

Our collision coaching staff has a combined 106 years of collision management, training, operations and estimating experience. This includes working in Lean production environments with major industry MSO groups as well as independently owned collision repair businesses. Several industry publications utilize our expertise for guest technical and editorial information many times each year. The coaching staff also provides industry training at multiple industry trade shoes such as SEMA and Automechanika.

ATI's Collision program has 144 total credits available through the AMI management program
Automotive Management Institute (AMI) Approved for Credit.

Collision Repair Testimonials

  • "My only regret is we didn't attend sooner! We attended ATI's workshop for collision repair shop owners and brought back information that was immediately helpful to our shop. ATI helped us understand our 'numbers' and learn to write better estimates to increase profits. We learned strategies to reduce cycle time, increase production, handle parts more efficiently, and implement best business practices."

    Jackie Shaw, Sudden Impact Collision & Repair
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  • "We are a small shop with an excellent reputation and loyal clientele. 2017 was one of our "busiest" years with a new Total Sales Record...and a net loss. Four months into ATI's Collision shop re-education we know why. We left money on the table on every estimate. The estimate writing "Unforgettable" and estimator classes alone have turned things around."

    Roger, Ace One Stop Auto Shop
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  • "I've been in the collision repair business since graduating from college in 1977 with a degree in business. We've grown to 20 employees and do repairs to over 2,000 cars a year. I've taken dozens of classes at NACE, I-Car, Dupont Performance Coatings, PPG, and SEMA, so when I was approached by ATI to take a one-day class I thought there would be nothing they could offer that I hadn't already seen. I attended the class and was impressed by the whole organization from the moment I walked into the front door."

    Ron Peters, Peters Body Shop
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  • "ATI fell into our lap at the right time. We’ve experienced so many changes in our business. Both from growth & from changes in our industry. ATI has been a priceless resource in the knowledge that they have of our industry. Their integrity & dedication to the collision industry is relentless. We have gained an enormous benefit reconstructing our foundation based on ATI’s classes, teleseminars, our coach, Lawrence, & all of the other owners that we have met at class."

    Bruce & Julie Steinberg, North Iowa Collision Center
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  • "Members from our team attended ATI's 1-day workshops for about 2 years until we got the call that a collision focused boot camp was going to be held at the ATI headquarters in Maryland. We loaded up on a Friday night, after work, and my mother, my brother-in- law and myself drove from North Carolina to the Baltimore suburb to attend the boot camp on Saturday. We spent the day being "wowed" by the presenters at ATI and agreed to join the ATI family."

    Brian Shaw, Sudden Impact Collision & Repair
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AMi Certified:
Approved for Educational Credit!

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