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Collision RepairEight Essential Skills for Collision Shop Success

1-Day Events for Collision Repair Shop Owners

Grow Profit Immediately with Eight Proven Strategies

As a collision repair shop owner, the success of your business rests on your shoulders. It's your passion, what you love to do, but you never intended to just break even despite all your hard work and time.

Join this workshop to see how the best collision shop owners work smarter not harder. We'll cover essential strategies that you can implement right away to begin growing your collision shop to its greatest profit potential. You'll also have your questions answered by an ATI Performace Coach with decades of industry experience.

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Price: $347 covers up to 3 guests, refreshments during breaks, and a meal

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Workshop Details

7 Hours, 14 AMi Approved Credits

This version of the workshop incorporates a specific focus on the Collision industry for:

  1. Insurance Company Negotiations
  2. Estimatics for Profit
  3. Collision Repair Marketing
  4. How You Pay Your Staff

Skill 1
Improve Your Cash Flow Now

Learn the critical difference between increasing sales and creating positive cash flow, by using the next generation of bookkeeping.

Discover Your Balance Sheet

  • Go from just making money to creating real wealth.
  • Maximize your most precious resource, working capital.
  • Always know how much cash you have to spend INSTANTLY.
  • Learn strategies to control accounts receivables.
  • Uncover 9 secrets of creating consistent positive cash flow, so you’ll never run out of money.

Unlock the Power of Your P&L

  • Learn how to turn your P&L from a tax document into a financial diagnostic tool.
  • Discover how much money you're really leaving on the table.
  • Uncover hidden expenses that suck cash out of your business and increase your stress.
  • Make more money by analyzing and controlling your production costs.
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Skill 2
Discover Your Sales and Profit Potential

Many shop owners are working harder to make other people more money. Discover how to work smarter not harder to increase cash in your pocket, reduce your stress, and get more freedom.

  • Dramatically increase your profit without having to dramatically increase your sales.
  • Get peace-of-mind and reduce your stress by turning your business from a sloppy high maintenance monster into a lean, efficient cash flow machine.
  • Learn the system that dramatically increases your sales, productivity, and profits by investing only 1.5 hours each week working smarter not harder.
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Skill 3
Market Your Shop in the 21st Century

Traditional marketing is becoming more expensive and less effective. Discover how to increase and stabilize your store traffic with the best customers—faster, smarter, and for a lot less money!

Stabilize Your Car Count

  • Increase and stabilize your car count with effective “no cost” marketing.
  • Discover why most ads are ignored and what you can do to get a consumer’s attention.
  • Get the value proposition marketing checklist to make you stand out from your competition.
  • Discover 4 critical steps that turn collision appointments into higher sales, customer satisfaction, and repeat business.

Get Found on Cell Phones

  • Discover why your Google prime category dramatically impacts whether new customers can find you.
  • Uncover why Google and Yelp reviews will make or break your car count.
  • Use Google’s newest tool, Events and Offers to get noticed in your area.
  • Discover why SEO is NOT enough to drive new customers to your shop.

Target Your Most Profitable Consumer

  • Increase car count by marketing to your most profitable customers.

Master Your Phone

  • Convert phone calls into estimate appointments.
  • “Set the stage” to eliminate most price objections.

Super-Charge Your Sales Skills

  • Learn how to connect emotionally with consumers.
  • Build instant rapport by using the power of total communication.
  • Compete based on value instead of price.
  • Overcome the “I can get it cheaper” objection.
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Skill 4
Create Consistency & Freedom with SOPs

  • Create a consistent estimatic process your people will actually follow.
  • Discover the one thing you MUST do BEFORE you go to Photo Vehicle Inspections.
  • Learn essential time management techniques that give you more freedom by fixing problems right the 1st time.
  • Create your turn-key business by building a process book and creating effective job descriptions.
  • Learn how to empower your employees to take responsibility for your shop’s success, so you can take more vacations.
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Skill 5
Improve Your Profitability

Make More Money on Parts

  • Learn strategies for making your parts process more profitable.
  • Learn how to document, charge, and get paid for parts.
  • Learn how to turn shop supplies and hardware into a profit center.

Make More Money on Labor

  • Set labor profitability based on efficiencies and charging for what you do.
  • Uncover how much your employees really cost you. Time IS money!
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Skill 6
Recruit & Retain the Best Employees

Finding qualified help who wants to work is a huge headache for many shop owners. Discover secrets the pros use to keep their stores fully staffed with the best people.

Learn Effective Staffing Strategies

  • Discover where to look for qualified help, where no one else looks.
  • Learn how to attract the best techs with an optimized online presence.
  • Transition to the new workforce (from baby boomer to the millennials).
  • Save time and aggravation by learning how to avoid hiring the wrong people.
  • Retain your best employees by creating “golden handcuffs”.

Develop Your High-Performance Collision Team

  • Turn your adult day care into high performance business culture.
  • Align your culture to your brand to motivate your employees and build customer loyalty.
  • Turn average employees into “A” players.
  • Create long-term staffing stability with an effective apprentice mentoring program.

Comp Plans & Incentives

  • Choose the right comp plan to attract, retain, and motivate quality employees.
  • Retain top quality employees with pay and benefits and still be profitable.
  • Motivate employees without exploding your payroll.
  • Discover the ultimate manager comp plan that gives you more free time and freedom without worrying about losing money.
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Skill 7
Effective Succession Planning

  • Make your business run better even while you’re on vacation for an extended period of time.
  • Make your business more predictable and valuable by creating a process book for your systems and services.
  • Protect you, your family, and your employees by creating a black book for critical financial information, key accounts, and relationships.
  • Protect your income even if your health fails.
  • Create an Advisory Board to make decisions in case you can’t.
  • Discover how to work ON your business instead of IN your business.
  • Learn how become the leader they'll love instead of the manager they hate.
  • Start enjoying more freedom and financial security NOW, instead of hoping for it someday when you retire.
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Skill 8
Effective Retirement Planning

Plan for Retirement

  • Discover much money do you need to live out the rest of your life.
  • Learn how to fund your retirement, even if selling your shop won’t be enough.
  • Succession and retirement strategies: Discover which one is right for you.
  • Start your roadmap of developing a written plan (Only 10% of owners have one).
  • Design your master book for any key employee to run the business like you do.
  • Learn why you must start training a capable 2nd in command 3 to 5 years BEFORE you plan to retire.

Prepare to Sell Your Business

  • Determine how much your business is worth.
  • Make your business look more valuable to a bank.
  • Learn how to protect yourself if you have to hold the paper (85% fail in the first 18 months).

Prepare to Transfer Your Business

  • Discover how to transfer your business to your kids or an employee.
  • Uncover how to leave assets to your kids, without getting killed in taxes, and without breaking up your family.
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Collision Repair Testimonials

  • "My only regret is we didn't attend sooner! We attended ATI's workshop for collision repair shop owners and brought back information that was immediately helpful to our shop. ATI helped us understand our 'numbers' and learn to write better estimates to increase profits. We learned strategies to reduce cycle time, increase production, handle parts more efficiently, and implement best business practices."

    Jackie Shaw, Sudden Impact Collision & Repair
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  • "We are a small shop with an excellent reputation and loyal clientele. 2017 was one of our "busiest" years with a new Total Sales Record...and a net loss. Four months into ATI's Collision shop re-education we know why. We left money on the table on every estimate. The estimate writing "Unforgettable" and estimator classes alone have turned things around."

    Roger, Ace One Stop Auto Shop
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  • "I've been in the collision repair business since graduating from college in 1977 with a degree in business. We've grown to 20 employees and do repairs to over 2,000 cars a year. I've taken dozens of classes at NACE, I-Car, Dupont Performance Coatings, PPG, and SEMA, so when I was approached by ATI to take a one-day class I thought there would be nothing they could offer that I hadn't already seen. I attended the class and was impressed by the whole organization from the moment I walked into the front door."

    Ron Peters, Peters Body Shop
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  • "ATI fell into our lap at the right time. We’ve experienced so many changes in our business. Both from growth & from changes in our industry. ATI has been a priceless resource in the knowledge that they have of our industry. Their integrity & dedication to the collision industry is relentless. We have gained an enormous benefit reconstructing our foundation based on ATI’s classes, teleseminars, our coach, Lawrence, & all of the other owners that we have met at class."

    Bruce & Julie Steinberg, North Iowa Collision Center
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  • "Members from our team attended ATI's 1-day workshops for about 2 years until we got the call that a collision focused boot camp was going to be held at the ATI headquarters in Maryland. We loaded up on a Friday night, after work, and my mother, my brother-in- law and myself drove from North Carolina to the Baltimore suburb to attend the boot camp on Saturday. We spent the day being "wowed" by the presenters at ATI and agreed to join the ATI family."

    Brian Shaw, Sudden Impact Collision & Repair
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