SuperConference 2022 Event Details

Event Details

SuperConference 2022 will inform, inspire, educate, rejuvenate, and re-energize all who attend.

Discover, Share, Learn

Along with other top-performing, like-minded shop owners, discover how to thrive and be profitable in today's economy and learn about trends and best practices from automtive aftermarket experts and leaders.

You'll share challenges and successes while developing life-long relationships.


Rejuvenate and Re-energize

With a stellar lineup of talent, loads of useful information you won't find anywhere else, and ample free time for fun, ATI's SuperConference 2022 is more than one of the best learning experiences you'll ever have, and more than a relaxing, stress-relieving get away.

It's both, and an opportunity that comes only once a year.


SuperConference 2022 Agenda

Agenda details are typically posted in the months prior to the event and are subject to change. Check here for updated information as it is finalized. We notify registrants of updates, and registrants can check the registration site for the most up-to-date information.

Printable Agenda Round Table Topics

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Time (Pacific)

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Time (Pacific)

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Time (Pacific)

Friday, March 18, 2022

Time (Pacific)

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Time (Pacific)

Featured Speakers

ATI looks far and wide for presenters whose message and expertise can help reignite the passion you need to take your automotive repair shop to the next level.

Speakers are typically announced in the months prior to the event. Check here for updated information as it becomes available.

Craig Miller, Drum Cafe

Craig MIller

Drum Cafe

Ubuntu – "I Am Because We Are"

For hundreds of years, drumming has proven to be the most effective team-building activity in virtually all cultures. Craig Miller and Drum Café present a unique, truly hands-on approach to finding new ways to collaborate by making music together as an orchestra.

Kickstart SuperConference 2022 as we spark unity and engagement by harnessing the power of one team, one mission. Together, we will re-ignite our common values by creating one collective and impactful voice.

This will be a celebration of collaboration, contribution, team building, and leadership. Through rhythm, we will discover together, that the whole is greater than the sum of all its individual parts.

Join us for the concert. Together is truly better!

Steve Farber, President, Extreme Leadership

Steve Farber

President, Extreme Leadership

Love is Just Damn Good Business

A New Strategic Advantage for Today’s Hyper-Competitive World

When love is operationalized in a business, employees and customers feel genuinely valued. Employees who are passionate about their work are more loyal, innovative, creative, and inspired, which translates to a great customer experience. They don’t serve others out of obligation because of a genuine desire to improve people’s lives. And when customers reciprocate by loving your products, your services, and your people, that’s when something incredible happens. That’s when you get loyalty. That’s when you get raving fans, and that’s where the money comes from.

Drawing on his work with a wide variety of companies from the Fortune 100 to smaller, entrepreneurial ventures, renowned leadership expert, Steve Farber, shows you proven strategies, shares inspiring case studies, and teaches practical steps to build a corporate culture that operationalizes love as a significant competitive advantage.

Michael Gerber, CEO, Michael E. Gerber Companies

Michael Gerber

CEO, Michael E. Gerber Companies

Growing Your Business Real-Time

Growing a small business doesn’t come naturally. Indeed, most small business owners detest it!

The key to overcoming the resistance it brings about is to shift one’s mindset. To Michael E. Gerber, mindset is everything. It is the heart and soul of growth, of capturing opportunities and making the most of them. How to expand one’s mindset deliberately has been the heart and soul of Michael E. Gerber’s message for a half-century he’s brought his unique transformation to small businesses worldwide.

Sam Richter, CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More

Sam Richter

CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More

Don't Steal the Cheesecake

How Your Digital Reputation Defines Your Personal and Company Brand

In today's "everything is online" world, people pass judgment and form opinions about you before even meeting. What you post online, text, leave as a voicemail, say or do in front of a public camera, and even email is not limited to private networks. Rather, there's a good chance that what you do in a digital format is public, searchable, and archived, forever In "Don't Steal the Cheesecake" you will learn:

  • The difference between your character, reputation, personal brand, and company brand, how they are all intertwined, and how they impact your career, relationships, and company.
  • The dangers of sharing too much information and how to respond in a digital format when you're angry, so you don't become a negative "Viral Sensation".
  • The "Five Laws of Digital Reputation Management".
  • Inside secrets on how to manage your digital presence so when others search for information on you, there is some control over what they find.

This keynote will provide you with practical and easy-to-implement strategies that will help you avoid personal and company embarrassment, manage your reputation, and enhance your personal brand.

You Just "Friended" a Thief

It's amazing the amount of information available online about companies and people. And it's shocking how vulnerable we all are to Personal and Business Identity Theft — in ways you might not think about.

In this jaw-dropping presentation, you will discover:

  • How to find the information that is available about you, your family, and your business that others have shared in a digital format, and what you can do to protect yourself.
  • How the seemingly innocent information that you post online could be providing thieves with an open door into your bank account.
  • How the biggest risk to you and your clients' data is probably not an online hacker, rather, it's most likely sitting in your office right now.
  • Easy-to-implement, non-technical ways to protect yourself, your family, and your business from identity theft.
Alex Weber, American Ninja Warrier

Alex Weber

American Ninja Warrior

Unstoppable: Your Key to Record-Breaking Leadership and Performance

What could you lead? Who might you become? What could you achieve? Everyone hits setbacks, fears, and failures — but not everyone knows how to overcome their challenges with a reliable and consistent system. So, most people hesitate, delay, or stop altogether. And with it, they lose valuable time, energy, resources, and even give up on their goals. Not on Alex Weber's watch!

Alex knows both sides. As an American Ninja Warrior, Award-Winning Host for NBC, acclaimed author, and US Lacrosse Coach of the Year, Alex has reached record-breaking achievements as a leader and peak performer. But with these accomplishments, he has also had to face intense pressure, hard failures, and his own limitations.

In this keynote, Alex gives you his battle-tested system to achieve peak leadership & performance in the most critical moments when you need to be at your best - and when other people need you to be at your best.

Richard Menneg, ATI President

Richard Menneg

President, ATI

Effective Command

The Power of An Effective 2nd in Command — Revisited

ATI’s years of exponential growth, becoming the leading coaching and training company in North America didn’t happen by chance. After seventeen years at ATI, Richard Menneg knows what it takes to be both an effective 2nd in command and then after Chubby’s retirement, transitioning to 1st. From implementing Chubby’s vision for the future, to now navigating a vastly different role after being acquired by a multi-billion-dollar industry juggernaut, Richard has always stayed true to his core beliefs of effective management. "Today, the final chapters of my ATI journey are being written as we develop a core Senior Leadership Team that can build an even brighter future for ATI and our members. I can’t wait for it to all play out.""

Learn leadership and management insights from his years "in the ATI management trenches". This updated presentation is not just about being an effective leader. It’s about life lessons we learn as we navigate the seasons of our work and our careers.

Dr. Kevin Elko, Performance Coach

Dr. Kevin Elko

Performance Coach

Setting the B.O.L.D. Gold Standard

How the Best Become the Best

When you see success, you will always see boldness. The bold have a strong belief in one thing, which they stay focused on and go after with all they have. Their energy comes from the belief in what they are doing and where they are going. They believe in themselves and are unapologetic about it. They show up, never expecting to be handed a place at the table because if not given, they will take it. Whatever happens to them makes them stronger, more creative, and resilient. They don’t think that the future happens to them but for them. They believe that tomorrow will happen because of them — they always take ownership.

Your key takeaways from this spirited closing keynote:

  • Establish the standard your business will elevate to.
  • Then, as a leader, exemplify that standard and encourage those on your team to “match you.”
  • B - Have a strong belief in your goals and vision.
  • O - Take ownership of all challenges.
  • L - Lean in and assert as a leader and business owner.
  • D - Deliver on all you say and do.

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SuperConference 2022

Gain access to world-class expertise, top shop peer networking, and fun-filled activities in a luxurious resort.

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